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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sony launches the perfect digital dictation device

Record, listen and store on one device with built-in MP3 playback and USB connectivity

Sony Europe’s IT Peripherals division today announced a new range of Voice Recorders suitable for a variety of dictation needs - the ICDUX70 and ICDUX80. The UX70 and UX80 provide a unique solution, incorporating a voice recorder with MP3 recording and playback functionality and up to 2GB of storage capacity, complete with a high-speed USB connection for data transfer and direct battery charge.

The UX70 and UX80 are ideal for a number of recording uses, whether the user is recording a meeting, lesson, interview or even music. Available with 1GB or 2GB capacity, the UX70 and UX80 can record up to 290 hours and 581 hours respectively in long play (LP) mode. While the digital pitch control function allows playback of recordings to be heard at an increased or slower speed without distortion for transcribing or editing requirements. The UX70 and UX80 have also received 5 stars, the highest possible rating for recording quality from Dragon Naturally Speaking*.

Designed with more than dictation in mind, the UX70 and UX80 also offer MP3 stereo recording and playback so users can record and listen to music on the move. Stereo recording is captured via the built-in microphone and the MP3 format is easily transferred to your PC by ‘Drag and drop’ functionality, without the need for additional software. With capacity for over 500 songs (UX80), the user can adjust the sound tone to Rock, Pop or Jazz dependent on their music preference. The voice recorders also feature direct audio encoding from CD/MD players. High-speed USB connectivity allows for easy ‘Drag and drop’ file transfer of voice recordings and MP3 files and also enables the UX70 and UX80 to be used as a USB storage device. The USB connection also enables direct battery charge for the device (through rechargeable batteries) from a laptop or PC.

“Sony conducted an online survey across UK, France and Germany and found that voice
recorder users considered five top features when purchasing their dictation device – price, music playback capability, compact size, MP3 recording functionality and PC connectivity”, said Mikuni Shikada, product manager, Sony Europe's IT Peripherals division. “The UX70 and UX80 enable the consumer to combine digital dictation, MP3 player and USB storage device with up to 2GB of storage capacity. We really believe these are the perfect dictation devices.”

The ICDUX70 is available in black and pink, the ICDUX80 is available in black and silver. Both models are available from January 2008.

Source : Sony Europe


sfberglund said...

For the recording of meetings, your readers may want to consider the Acappella Conference Audio Recorder which records in CD quality sound and, during transcription, tells the typist who is speaking.

You may also want to visit this blog on selecting a digital dictation solution.

Jim Cronin, CFE said...

Whoever has been designing Sony's digital dictation equipment appears not to have a clue.

One of the main attractions of a handheld dictation unit is the ability to start/stop/rewind/play dictation while holding the unit in one hand using only the thumb to control all these functions.

This one-handed intuitive control is what distinguishes a dictation unit from a discount store recorder.

While I have not used Sony's new models, it appears from the placement of the controls that Sony has missed the boat again.

While I'm on a roll here, size, shape and heft and texture are also factors. The venerable BM575 and BM577 are nicely sized/weighted machines, and their controls are user-friendly. The unit was supplied, however, without a tactile-friendly case.

Cold metal is not the most tactile-friendly surface, nor does it provide enough protection from use over time in the real world. I was able to purchase a real leather after-market case for mine, and I love it.

Get smart Sony. If you can't reach into a briefcase, fish the unit out, dictate/edit an idea/notes/correspondence while driving on the freeway without having to visually search for the controls and/or use the same degree of tactile dexterity as is needed for a "crackberry," and if the case isn't tough and touch-friendly, you're spinning your wheels and wasting your good name and your customer's money.

Jim Cronin, CFE
Seattle Insurance and Legal Investigations
(206) 992-1555

Daniella said...

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